Ben combines acupuncture and multiple massage techniques during the course of a treatment. Treatment is often an exploration of tension and pain in the body. The focus of the work centers around how best to release the tension in the body, while also emphasizing the need for the patient to understand and feel the change that their body is experiencing.

Often myofascial  release work is used to help the patient release tension in the superficial muscle groups and fascial lines. Then a combination of acupuncture and myofascial release techniques are used to access the deeper layers of fascia and muscle. The body work is initially directed towards the area of pain and discomfort but there is an emphasis on clearing tension and pressure along the entire fascial line and/or channel. For instance, pain in the lower back is often accompanied with tension and pressure in the hips, hamstrings, mid-back, and shoulders. Working through these structures often reveals tension that was not previously in the patient’s awareness.

Patients, during the course of treatment, will discover that where they have pain is not always where the body has created the most tension. In fact, the painful tissue is often only a small part of the overall tension load the body is experiencing. 

During treatment, patient’s will also gain a better understanding of the bones and soft tissue structures that are relevant to their condition. Furthermore, Ben emphasizes the need for patients to learn techniques, that can be done on their own, that can effectively reduce their pain and tension. These skills are necessary to create lasting change and hopefully serve to further the patients understanding of how to maintain their body more effectively.